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LIFT Stars Program

We strive to offer a fun, safe, enjoyable lift ride. There are a few things that all passengers can do to help themselves ensure that their use of lifts is a positive experience. We would like all of our lift passengers to become LIFT STARS. Mighty Meadows and Millie the Marten would like our lift passengers to become LIFT STARS too!

L. Learn by watching others load.
I. I remove my pole straps and check for loose clothing.
F. Follow the chair out to the "Load Here" signs.
T. Turn and grab the chair bar.
S. Sit back. Hold on.
There's a bar I can lower if I can reach it.
Absolutely no fooling around on the ride.
R. Raise the bar at top.
S. Stand up at the "unload here" signs.

A great resource for chairlift safety for young riders is You'll find a whole FAQ on lift safety. Take a look at it. Print it out. Talk to your kids about it before you get to the mountain. It will all lead to a much better experience, especially for the first time riders!

We would also like to stress that passengers should be aware that The Oregon Skier Statute, the Skiers Responsibility Code and ANSI B77.1-2011, (the national standard for passenger ropeways) all state that “passengers shall use good judgment and act in a responsible manner while using the aerial lift.”

These behaviors include the following:
  1. Participating in the embarkation, riding and disembarkation process in such a manner as to reduce risks for themselves and others. It’s your responsibility.
  2. Obey all written and oral instructions and warnings.
  3. Refraining from using the aerial lift while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  4. Properly use the aerial lift and equipment provided.
Additionally, all passengers who use an aerial lift shall be presumed to have sufficient ability, physical dexterity, and/or personal assistance to negotiate and to be evacuated from the aerial lift safely. Passengers shall maintain control of their speed and course while loading and loading the aerial lift.

We recommend new skiers to take a lesson and learn from a pro. Our progression takes you from the beginner friendly Ballroom Carpet where you will gain confidence and develop skills which will prepare you for our beginner chair, Buttercup. This lift is equipped with indicators to help you properly seat yourself. “SEE THE STAR” between your legs on Buttercup seats to ensure proper seating.

Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort is committed to making your skiing experience exceptional in every way. Please feel free to ask any lift operator or ski school instructor for more information on how you can be a LIFT STAR.