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Weathering the Storms on Mt. Hood

During storm cycles most people understand why certain lifts are not operating. However, the following helps clarify the status of mountain operations during and after the storm. 

Storm In Progress

Storm in Progress indicates that Mt. Hood is currently experiencing weather conditions such as high winds and low visibility due to snow and clouds that may impact lift operations, trail grooming, trail opening and closures, and parking lot/road conditions. Cascade Express, Vista Express lifts and Heather Canyon/Gated Access areas are most likely to be impacted in these conditions due to their increased exposure. Other lifts may experience late openings or be placed on weather hold as well. Weather impacts can be due to snow, wind, rime, fog, freezing fog, rain or anything else our maritime climate presents.

Storm Recovery

Storm Recovery indicates the period following a storm cycle. Though the weather conditions may not be as adverse as during the storm (sometimes we can have blue skies with light winds on the lower mountain), extensive work is being done to lifts and trails along with avalanche control. Roads and parking lots are also being cleared so be aware of heavy equipment. Depending on the strength and duration of the previous storm cycle this recovery effort may take anywhere from hours to several days, during which lifts are subject to late openings. The upper lifts which are more exposed will take longer to open. Lifts originating from base areas will be addressed first. Lift work includes removing all rime ice buildup from lift drives, terminals, chairs and towers, prior to being able to launch chairs (on Cascade and Vista).

Scheduled Operation

Scheduled Operation indicates lifts are anticipated to operate as scheduled. Forecasted weather is not likely to play a significant role in mountain operations. Benign weather occurrences such as fog may cause closure of exposed areas and lifts due to visibility/safety concerns. Winds may temporarily impact lift status.