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Dynamic Ticket Pricing FAQ

What is dynamic pricing?
Dynamic pricing will establish the price of a lift ticket based on the demand for that given day. The more advance sales there are for a day, the more the price will increase. Likewise, the less demand the lower the price for that day. The other dynamic is purchasing early, the longer in advance you make your purchase the lower the price will be.
This has become the standard in the hospitality industry used when booking airline seats and hotel reservations, and sporting events (such as Your Portland Trail Blazers) use a similar method to sell tickets. You can find some great deals on an airline seat, a hotel room or a basketball game simply by purchasing early and finding the best time frames.

When do I need to purchase?

Purchases must be done online in advance. We will not be selling lift tickets, lessons or rentals at the resort this season.

Why is Meadows using dynamic pricing on its day tickets?
Offering a lower priced ticket on an off-peak day will attract more people to those days, which in turn will off-load some of our peak day visits improving the experience. It will also help us better anticipate the turn out on any given day so we can plan staffing and services appropriately. 

What ticket products will be dynamically priced?
Almost all of our tickets will be dynamically priced, with with a few exceptions. Each will have their own range of pricing and will be displayed together on the pricing calendar.

How much will these tickets cost?
Prices will vary, but we will adjust accordingly as we learn from advance purchase and visitation patterns. That is the nature of a dynamic system, it evolves as more information is gathered. Those who purchase online in advance will always receive the best day ticket price through this system, and the earlier you purchase, the better price you will get.

How does it work?
Daily tickets will be made available for purchase about a month in advance on our website. The prices will be presented in a calendar so the purchaser can easily see what the price is for any given day. 

How far in advance will I be able to purchase a ticket?
Tickets will be made available about a month in advance so you can make your plans accordingly.

Why should I purchase online?
We are not selling tickets at the resort this season. The lift ticket price will be set by advance purchase demand, so waiting to purchase, you will pay the highest price. We are also able to accommodate advance ticket purchases more quickly, since we simply fulfill the order and issue the ticket.

What is reload?
If you have ticket media from a previous visit, you can simply reload it. That “loads” your access to the lifts for the day you purchased right on to your ticket media. Then you can proceed directly to the lift that day, no need to stop by a point of sale. You can reload your media here.

What if I don’t use my ticket on the day it was purchased for?
Date specific product purchases like these tickets are not refundable, however, if for some reason you miss the day you purchased for, you can apply the price of that ticket towards another purchase of a Mt. Hood Meadows product (minus a $5 processing fee). So if you purchased a $59 adult lift ticket and didn’t use it, you can apply that $59 (minus a $5 processing fee) on the purchase of a ticket your next visit. You can also convert that $59 (minus a $5 processing fee) into pass holder value by connecting our guest services team and then you can apply your balance towards the purchase of any Mt. Hood Meadows product. 

Why is this good for our guests?
Dynamic Pricing allows the purchaser to select the days and the pricing that works best for their needs. By purchasing or reloading your media online in advance, your best price is guaranteed. The attractive, reduced price off-peak tickets will shift many guests away from peak-days, and that will improve the experience for those who’s schedule only allows them to visit on the busy days. 

Why now?
We need to be able to control the volume of guests this season, and as our state is growing and winter recreation on Mt. Hood becomes more popular, we need to utilize creative approaches to better manage the overall experience. We believe dynamic pricing is the right way to address these peak day challenges, at Meadows and on Mt. Hood in general. 
We also have developed the technology that allows us to manage variable pricing for each day and we feel the time is right to implement it.

I have more questions …
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