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Winter Overnight RV Parking

Mt. Hood Meadows allows overnight RV parking in the back of the Sunrise Lot on a first-come first-serve basis.

  • RVs must be fully self-contained for water, waste and sewage as no services or utilities are available. Pack it in, pack it out
  • Vehicles are required to have a valid Sno-Park Permit Nov. 1 - April 30
  • Vehicles must register once they are onsite using the form below. There are no reservations
  • A maximum three consecutive night stay is allowed within any five-night period
  • RVs may be asked to move to allow for snow clearing from time to time
  • If the back row as shown on the map below is full, RV parking is full and you will need to find another location besides Mt. Hood Meadows to stay for the night
  • If you park outside the designated area your vehicle may be booted or towed at your expense
  • One additional vehicle may be parked in front of RV as long as it does not stick out beyond 40' or orange marking poles

Image of the Sunrise parking lot showing where RV row is



How many RVs are allowed in RV row? We maintain 14 to 18 spaces depending on snow. We ask everyone to park as close as possible to maximize space.

How long of an RV can fit? Due to snow removal and bus lanes your vehicle or combination of vehicles can not be more than 40'.

If I fill out the registration am I guaranteed a spot? No, there must be spots available in RV row to stay here.

What permits do I need? Sno-Park permits are required in all of our parking lots from Nov. 1 to April 30 (sold at the resort). You will also need to fill out our Parking Registration form below.

What do permits cost? Information on Oregon Sno-Park permits can be found here. Our overnight parking permits are issued at no charge.

How long can I stay? A maximum three consecutive nights within any five-night period.

I have a Sprinter van. Can I just park in the main lot? Sprinter vans may park in the main lot for day access only. If you are staying overnight, you must park in the designated RV row section of the Sunrise lot, and be fully self-contained.

Will shuttle service be available?  If there are RVs parked in the Sunrise lot we will run shuttles to the Main lot. Guests may also hike up the runout located at the southwest section of the Sunrise lot, which will take you to the bottom of the Vista Express lift.

Are there length restrictions on vehicles you will allow in the main lot? Yes, oversized vehicles such as trucks with campers or Sprinter vans over 21' long and/or 7' wide will not be allowed in the Main parking lot. These vehicles will be directed to our Sunrise and HRM lots.

Why is there not any RV/camper parking available in the HRM lot? We would love to have overnight RV/camper parking at HRM, but there are a few issues with that. 1.) Too remote: HRM is too far away from the main lodge in case of an emergency. 2.) Poor or no cell service: Reception is poor in the HRM lot, which makes calling out in case of an emergency difficult or impossible. 3.) Ski runs: There is no night skiing in the HRM section of the resort, whereas the Sunrise lot allows guests to ski and ride back to their RVs during night operations.

Is Meadows required to have RV parking? No, we do it as a service to our guests and want to continue this practice as long as we get compliance with the rules of use.

Why are you so strict about parking? There is a high demand for parking in the Sno-Parks on Mt. Hood. Due to the snow challenges we need to leave space for the Oregon Department of Transportation to conduct snow removal. If we do not manage correctly the lots shrink and we are unable to accommodate enough guests.

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Please read our Overnight RV Parking Rules