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Meet the Camp Coaches

Photo of ski instructor Jenn LockwoodName: Jenn Lockwood
Home Hill: Mt. Hood Meadows
Credentials: PSIA-NW Alpine Technical Team Member, Alpine L3, Childrens Specialist 2 Clinician, Freestyle Specialist 1, Senior Specialist 1, USSA 100, Mt. Hood Meadows Alpine Training Coordinator
Hobbies: Skiing, mountain biking, fitness, reading, paddleboarding, travel, outdoor adventures of all kinds!
Skiing Interests: Steeps, trees and bumps are her playground.  Yet, she embraces time spent on groomed terrain mastering the fundamental movements that build a strong foundation for exceptional skiing on all terrain.
Other Jobs: Owner & CEO - Chief Exercise Officer of PEAK fitness NW, a small 400 square foot boutique training barn in Mount Hood; creator of PEAK Ski Conditioning, an online 12-week ski conditioning program to help skiers enjoy every moment on the slopes and a 26-year veteran health and fitness professional.  Her motto:  Get Fit. Ski Hard & Have FUN!

Photo of instructor Katie FeuchtName: Katie Feucht
Home Hill: Mt. Hood Meadows
Credentials: PSIA-NW Alpine Educational Staff, Alpine L3, Childrens Specialist 2, Freestyle Specialist 1, Senior Specialist 1, L1 Examiner, USSA 100, Mt. Hood Meadows Trainer Staff
Hobbies: Skiing, mountain biking, hiking, running, gardening, all things outdoors!
Skiing Interests: I love bumps and off piste and exploring the mountain. One of my newer passions is mountain safety and risk management so that I can keep myself, friends, family, and clinic attendees safe as we explore the mountain. I also love carving and high speed race training.
Other Jobs: Technical Risk Manager in the tech world

Photo of instructor Emily HearleName: Emily Hearle
Home Hill(s): Mt. Hood Meadows, Breckenridge Ski Resort
PSIA experience/credentials: AASI Snowboard Level III, PSIA Children’s Specialist Level II, Freestyle Specialist Level I, Adaptive Snowboard Level I, Mt. Hood Meadows Training Staff
Hobbies/Life Enjoyment: Yoga, Rock climbing, mountain biking, surfing (perpetual beginner), being a book nerd, outdoor recreation for children with special needs, spending time outdoors with family and friends
Snowboarding Interests: I love snowboarding steeps, trees, bumps, and any terrain that resembles a half-pipe. The bigger the berms, the better! I also have a background in snowboard racing and boardercross, so you will often find me out carving with the highest edge angle that gravity/speed will allow. I enjoy teaching all lessons, from the carpet to extreme terrain to the half-pipe!
Outside of PSIA experience: Occupational Therapist

Ski Instructor HollyName: Holly Tencer
Home Hill: Mt. Hood Meadows
PSIA experience/credentials: Alpine Level III, Snowboard Level I, Children’s Specialist II, Freestyle Specialist I, Senior Specialist I, PSIA-NW Divisional Staff Member since 2002, Children’s Specialist Clinician, PSIA-NW Examiner, Mt. Hood Meadows Training Staff
Hobbies/ Life Enjoyment: Skiing, Cross country skiing, Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Snowboarding, Running, Hiking, Road Biking, and being outside with family and friends.
Skiing Interests: I love skiing all over the mountain, cruising down groomers on hard snow days and enjoying all the variety that Heather Canyon has to offer on the powder snow days when I get the chance!  I also really enjoy spring-time slush and sun as well as mushy bumps to play in.  I’ve been teaching many years now and I keep coming back to it as I love to see my students be successful.  
Outside of PSIA experience: Production Manager at a small apparel company, also formerly taught skiing full-time for 8 seasons. (Jackson Hole, Whistler, CA)


Name: Kaitlin Brotemarkle
Home Hill: Mt. Hood Meadows
Credentials: 15th season instructing skiing and snowboarding, AASI Snowboard Level 2, Children's Specialist 1, Freestyle Specialist 1, PSIA Alpine Level 1, Mt. Hood Meadows Snowboard Trainer.
Hobbies: Snowboarding, skiing, eating tacos, inflatable whitewater kayaking, climbing, indoor bouldering, eating in general, hot yoga, advanced-novice kiteboarder.
Snowboard Interests: Small/medium jumps, gullies, natural features, baby cliff (rock) drops, going fast, spring skiing, and of course, teaching others!
Other Jobs: Billing department at a local internet provider in The Columbia River Gorge.

Patroller Snow Safety Session Leaders

Ski Patroller Kristi KaylName: Kristie Kayl
Home Hill: Mt. Hood Meadows
Hobbies: Skiing, rock climbing and Mountaineering
Skiing Interest: Kristie's background is in freestyle competition skiing but in the last decade her passion for skiing has grown into ski mountaineering and backcountry skiing
Other Jobs: Kristie spends her winters at Mt. Hood Meadows as a full time Ski Patroller and Avalanche Dog Trainer and her summers are spent as a professional Mountain Guide in Alaska, Africa and the North Cascade Range