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What To Bring

Planning Your Trip

There are many things to plan and consider when going skiing or snowboarding. What to wear, what to bring, where to stay, what’s available at the mountain. This part of the guide provides information for first timers on how to dress for success, plan for the weather and maximize your experience at  Mt. Hood Meadows.

When is the best time to visit?

Weekends and holidays from mid-December through February are our busiest times. If it is an option, we suggest planning a visit mid-week to take advantage of the quieter slopes and great lift and lesson values. If you are coming up on a weekend or holiday day, Saturdays are typically quieter than Sundays due to our busy program lessons on Sundays. Plan to arrive in the main parking lot early - ideally by 8am if you're driving yourself or later in the day – after 1pm to help you avoid the busiest times. Our night operations are also a great option to visit our resort with lower lift and lessons rates.

Checking the Weather

The most unpredictable part of your trip! Check out our current conditions and webcams for real time mountain images and the Mt. Hood NOAA pinpoint weather forecast prior to your trip. Weather can change rapidly on Mt. Hood, so be prepared. You should always keep extra layers in a locker or your car just in case.

What to Wear

Mt. Hood weather can range from warm and rainy, to snow storms, and sunshine. What you wear can make or break your day, and having the right gear is essential. The best way to stay comfortable is to think warm, waterproof and dress in layers so you can add or remove them if the weather changes. The Outer Limits Sports Shop in the South Lodge has a variety of clothing options and our team can help you in finding the right item for maximum comfort.

Base Layers

What you wear next to your skin. We suggest synthetic or wool materials rather than cotton, and to wear one pair of wool or sport specific socks that come up to at least mid-shin. Cotton athletic socks are not a good option.


A mid-layer, such as a fleece, wool sweater or light puffy jacket, is great if your outer layer doesn’t offer much insulation, or for really cold days when added warmth is desirable. You can always take layers off, but you can’t add layers you don’t have!


Your jacket and pants are your outerwear. The most important thing is to choose waterproof and windproof options. While there are snow specific outwear, rain jackets and pants can work great with layers underneath until you invest in a snow specific outfit - again Outer Limits Sports Shop has some great options.


Waterproof mittens and gloves are essential for keeping your hands warm and dry.

Eye protection is very important in the mountains due to the harmful glare of the sun off the snow. Goggles offer the most warmth and versatility for all conditions and are always our recommended option.

We always recommend wearing a helmet, which can be rented in our Rossignol Rental Center or purchased at the Outer Limits Sports Shop. They are warm, waterproof and provide protection.


Nearby Lodging Options

Our sister resort Cooper Spur is just north of Meadows on Highway 35 and offers discounted tickets midweek.