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Uphill Hikers Stay Clear of the Mt. Hood Express Construction Zone

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Map of the Mt. Hood Express construction zoneThe Mt. Hood Express replacement project is well-underway as heavy equipment on the hill is clearing snow to expose our summer roads. The first stage will be the deconstruction and removal of the current lift which was installed 29 seasons ago. It will be replaced with a new six passenger high speed lift in time for the opening of the 23/24 season in November.

It is essential that those hiking uphill for turns avoid the construction area.

Construction has begun on the Mt. Hood Express lift replacement project at Mt. Hood MeadowsSnowcats and other heavy machinery is operating in the area. With snow removal the trails are crisscrossed with dug out and piled up snow. We’ve designated the area of construction in the map above so please, avoid the yellow area if hiking uphill this Spring.

Snowpack is being removed on interior roads to access the upper terminal and lift towers to replace the Mt. Hood Express chairliftWe are closed for the season. If you choose to hike, be aware there is no patrol or other assistance, you are on your own and we encourage you to go elsewhere. Stay completely clear of the construction zone. As always, sledding is not allowed.

We thank you for your cooperation as we take on this exciting project!

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