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Responsibility Code Rule #5 - Prevent runaway equipment

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Skiers and snowboarders at Mt. Hood Meadows Richard Hallman Photo

Your Responsibility Code # 5:


Skis and boards without owners can easily become unguided missiles on our slopes. Avoiding dangerous runaway gear is up to you.

Most skis have brakes that automatically deploy when the boot is removed from the binding. Have your bindings inspected regularly and monitor for ice build up to ensure your brakes always deploy when needed. Historically snowboards have had leashes. However, many boards become missiles when their leashes are not in use. A gust of wind when a board is unused, or a slip and fall while walking can cause boards to take off without their owners.

The latest revision of Your Responsibility Code changes the focus of this safety rule: it’s not just about having brakes and leashes, but also about your good decisions. Maintain your equipment to ensure it works well. Consider attaching leashes to a fixed object when stopped and clipping to yourself while carrying.

Be responsible for your gear. Please don’t let your board or skis become missiles.