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Responsibility code #3 - Stop only where you are visible from above and do not restrict traffic

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Responsibility Code 3: Stop only where you are visible from above and do not restrict traffic - two snowboarders safely share a run at Mt. Hood Meadows

Responsibility Code # 3:


Choosing a smart place to stop requires being aware of one’s surroundings.  Mt Hood has highly variable terrain that includes many rolls, ridges, wind-drifts, cliffs, boulders and trees. Riding here demands extra awareness in order to remain visible from above. Always stop in safe place for you and others. Avoid impacting traffic around you by stopping on the side of trails.

It is noteworthy that the Oregon Skier Statutes (state law) omit an explicit duty to stop in a smart and visible location. This is the one part of Your Responsibility Code that is not echoed within state law. As an industry, we ask that all guests give right-of-way to others below or ahead of them AND we ask that all guests stop in safe and visible locations. As resort operators we recommend that all guests do their utmost to avoid collisions. If collisions become the subject of lawsuits, state law governs. In courtrooms the duty to avoid collisions lies completely with the uphill rider.

Patrol and Hosts may engage guests catching air over features where the landing zone is not visible from above. Staff will spread awareness of safety expectations using Your Responsibility Code and discussing the implications of Oregon Law. Hitting jumps where the landing zone is not visible requires using a “spotter” to know the landing is clear.  We stand ready to coach our jibbing and jumping guests on how to play safely on our super fun volcanic terrain. If necessary, we will remove guests that do not play safely despite our educational efforts.

Be smart and maintain awareness of surroundings. Please choose your stopping spots wisely. You are responsible.