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January is National Ski Area Safety Awareness Month

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The Responsibile Code offers ten common sense points that will make skiing and snowboarding safer.The Skier Responsibility Code was developed by the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) in the 1960s to help teach skiers how to be safe at downhill resorts. It has been updated several times to reflect changes in our sport.

For the 2022-2023 season, NSAA made language changes for added clarity and added two new items to what is now called "Your Responsibility Code." 

Mt. Hood Meadows will be publishing a series of blogs discussing Your Responsibility Code during January, National Safety Month. This is the first.

Your Responsibility Code # 1

It is the individual responsibility of every skier or rider to maintain control at all times. This is the number one rule of safe skiing and riding.

Check out the website or pick up a trail map, read all trail signs and choose trails within your ability. Pay attention to your surroundings and surface conditions. Be aware of changing snow conditions. A soft snow trail in the morning could become hard and fast by the end of the day. A trail that began the morning groomed may become deep with new snow by lunch.

If you ever find yourself facing trail conditions that are beyond your ability, do not proceed. Request Ski Patrol assistance by phone or ask a passing guest to get help. MHM Patrol’s emergency number is 503.438.3216.

Take extra care when riding near rocks, trees, towers, or signs. These objects are inherent in the sport and in our forest environment. Collisions with fixed objects can result in serious injury.
Use caution when skiing steep terrain. Losing an edge in Heather Canyon or on other steep slopes, especially when surfaces are firm, can result in long and dangerous slides.  

Be careful and give lots of space when skiing near other people. Riders ahead of you have the right of way (Code #2 - more info in upcoming blogs.) If involved in a collision you have a duty to share your contact info with the other guest and a ski area employee (new Code #10 - more info later).

Please take responsibility for your safety and for that of others by remaining in control at all times.

Spanish version of the National Ski Area Association responsibility code