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Super snow storm will open Mt Hood Express terrain Thursday

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The trajectory of this storm has been amazing - dumping 42 inches since Sunday evening. it has intensified snowing at a rate of two inches an hour - accumulating 14 inches in the last 12 hours and 22 inches in the last 24 hours. Picnic table measuring stick records 22 inches in 24 hours at Mt. Hood Meadows

Meadows opened the season Tuesday with around a 30-inch snow depth, which has increased to over 50 inches the last 48 hours.

That’s a lot of numbers - but perhaps the most important is ONE. One express lift will be added to the lift schedule for Thursday - the Mt. Hood Express.

The Jake Woodard video above was shot on opening day on Daisy terrain and it was awesome! Now imagine another three feet of fresh on Mt. Hood Express terrain.

A snowboarder enjoys an opening day powder face shot at Mt. Hood MeadowsRichard Hallman photo on opening day

The Express lift services North and South Canyon trails as well as Ridge Run which accesses the Bowls. All that terrain is expected to be open. We’ll do our best to groom runs but the forecast has up to another foot and a half tonight into tomorrow. So it will be deep - potentially bottomless off the groom. Keep in mind - it is still November, so early-season conditions exist and you need to watch out for unmarked obstacles.

You also need to follow deep snow safety precautions - definitely ride with a buddy and keep them in sight. If you’re taking lines through the trees, avoid the tree wells - you should carry a probe, shovel, and even consider a beacon. Seems this safety equipment will come in handy in a La Niña season with lots of snow forecast. And oh yeah - Ride with a Buddy and Keep them in Sight!

Mt. Hood Meadows parking lot on a very snowy morning.A shovel is a great idea for everyone to carry in their vehicle. It could assist you on your way to and from the mountain, and may be required to dig your way out of your parking spot the way the snow is piling up. As always, get your vehicle winterized and make sure it has the proper snow tires or carry chains and know how to use them. There’s a shortage of ODOT plow drivers - so it is highly likely that you’ll encounter unplowed roads and SnoPark lots this season. Best to be prepared for it!

We’ll see you soon at Your Mountain Home!