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Covid and Operational Updates

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View of sunrise on Mt. Hood from the Meadows main parking lot

To our guests:

We are experiencing cases of Covid amongst some of our team members and are being very aggressive about quarantining to reduce the risk of spread. This is very likely to have an impact on some of our operations over the next couple weeks. Opening and closing times, as well as services available, have the potential to change quickly with minimal notice.

Remember, a mask is required to enter our buildings; please bring one with you, put it on before entering the lodge, and keep it on at all times unless you are seated and actively eating or drinking.

Please help us by considering the following:

  • Bringing your own lunch and eating it outside or in your car to reduce your time in the lodge
  • If you do purchase food from us, consider getting it to go and eating outside
  • Try to limit your time in the lodge as much as possible and move back outside as soon as you are warm or done eating

We all need to work together to minimize our time in the lodge and the reduce the risk of spreading Covid. Thank you for reading and helping us reduce the risk of spreading Covid to both our team and other guests.