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All Access and other peak day passes sold out as we enter the holiday week

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A powdery night for snowboarding at Mt. Hood MeadowsAs expected, Mt. Hood Meadows has sold out of passes that provide peak day access. This includes the All Access upgrade, the 5 and 10 time passes as well as the Beginner Progression Pass. Still available (although subject to limitation) are the Value Pass and the Night Pass.

VP of Sales and Marketing Dave Tragethon says the resort entered this season with a plan to limit then number of non-date specific passes available, so the resort could better manage daily visitation, particularly on peak days. “We want to serve our pass holders while providing access to day ticket purchasers - so we couldn’t just sell an unlimited amount of passes and be in a position to manage daily visitation. We are pleased with the balance between pass purchases and day tickets that are available on peak days, especially as we enter the popular holiday period. We honed this skill last season when COVID required us to limit visitation, and it is a practical tool that we will continue to use which ultimately will improve the on the snow experience for all of our guests.”

Meadows tickets are dynamically priced so the more popular the day, the more the ticket will cost. This provides an incentive for advance purchasers to consider less crowded days with lower lift ticket prices, or to consider arriving later in the day with a more affordable noon or 2 PM ticket.

Meadows urges everyone to make their lift ticket, lesson and rental purchases in advance online as they may not be available day of for walk ups. The dynamic ticketing system for tickets, lessons and rentals assures not only availability, but the best price possible at time of purchase.

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The Value Pass is still reasonably priced and offers every day access. But on peak days that access doesn’t start until 2 PM. Night passes provide access Wednesday - Sunday evenings from 2 - 9 PM.

Value and Night Passes