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No indoor dining at Meadows

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Wearing masks at Mt. Hood MeadowsWe are pleased to see that COVID-19 risk levels are improving in Oregon, indicating that we are following guidance to reduce transmission of the infection. We want to thank our team and our guests for continuing to be vigilant, with mask wearing, social distancing, hand hygiene and getting vaccinated when they can. With the new variants, we can’t afford to slip backwards. The reality is, there is more virus circulating now than there was at any time before the spikes of the winter holidays.

With this in mind, we have decided to continue our current plan of no indoor dining. The lodge will be available for restroom breaks and for ordering to go items at restaurants - and we appreciate guests keeping their indoor time to no longer than 10 minutes. We will have designated outdoor dining areas, and we also highly recommend you use your vehicle as your lodge for warming up, hydrating and eating.

This is especially important considering the forecast low temperatures through the storm cycle through the weekend. See related blog post.

We are hopeful that the current trends will continue, and that through our combined efforts, the COVID spread will continue to drop in our counties, our state and our region. But until then, let’s double our efforts to prevent the spread. With that in mind, we share some articles advising increased vigilance.

CNN | Yahoo News

It’s not over - by a long shot. So let’s keep working together to keep each other safe.