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Our "Uplifting" plan for the season

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“Mt. Hood Meadows Lift Operations department is responsible for the safe uphill transport of our guests and team members,” says Lift Ops Manager Cody Howe.  With the social distancing and safety protocols brought on by COVID, there will be some additional challenges this season, requiring the cooperation of our guests who share the responsibility to help keep us all safe. Cody (last season’s recipient of the President’s Leadership Award) took some time to share our plans for the lift experience, and expectations we have of guests. 

The top three things Cody wants you to know about lift ops this season before you leave your home, is to purchase your lift ticket online in advance (or have a season pass,) bring a face mask and know our lift ops plan. Face coverings are required in the lift lines, on the chair lift ride and at the top where we want people to spread out as quickly as possible.  

We urge parties to “bubble up” - that is ride the lift with your friends, family or quarantine buddies that you’re already naturally exposed to. We will allow different parties to ride up together, and suggest you don’t face each other directly on the ride up. If you prefer a single chair for yourself, or your bubble party of two or three, simply ask our attendants and we won’t load anyone else with you.  

Mt. Hood Meadows will use "ghost lanes" in lift mazes to help distance skiers and snowboardersWhen approaching the lift maze, make sure you “mask up and spread out” between parties. The length of your skis or snowboard will provide the natural distance between those in front or behind you, and we’ll be using “ghost lanes” between our mazes to accommodate lateral distancing. We will be extending out our mazes which will make them look longer than normal, but the lines will move quickly as we board parties. It’s the spacing that’s making the lines longer, not people. 

Most importantly we are all going to have to be patient, understanding and flexible. We expect there will be changes or modifications required by changing Coronavirus guidance, and that will take all of us working together to make the most of the season.  

Cody reminds all of our guests that our attendants are here to help you get on and off the lift safely, and to do that they need to be treated with respect and understanding.  

Thanks for watching the video - and we look forward to making this an awesome season at Mt. Hood Meadows!