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Prepare for POWDER!

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We can say this without any hesitation. IT”S THE STORM OF THE DECADE! Of course, the decade is only nine days old. But this forecast is pretty awesome - if you like lots of snow with temperatures dropping into the “really good if not primo powder” zone. The video above was shot today, if you want to get some really deep powder shots, look at this forecast for hourly snow:NOAA snow forecast for Mt. Hood Meadows

In fact, NOAA is forecasting between 2 1/2 and 5 FEET from Friday through Sunday. And the 10 day has snow falling every day, with some pretty cold temps headed our way. Snow forecast for Mt. Hood Meadows has up to five feet in three days!

Avoid tree wells and other deep snow hazards DeepSnowSafety.orgSo PLEASE familiarize yourself with how to avoid tree wells and snow immersion suffocation at

And PLEASE respect the boundary lines. Don’t duck the rope - you’re putting your life and the lives of others in danger. It’s just not worth it.