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Dynamic Ticketing Successfully Changing Visitation Patterns Moving Guest Visits to Off-Peak Times

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A snowboarder crests a ridge on a powdery day at Mt. Hood MeadowsLast season Mt. Hood Meadows introduced dynamic ticket pricing on its daily lift tickets. The price of a daily seven-hour lift ticket would be determined by demand - the more popular a day and the bigger turnout expected, the higher the price would be on tickets for that day, creating even better deals on days with less visitation.

Dynamic pricing was introduced in part as a way to manage peak day volume and sway visitation towards slower timeframes. According to Resort Operations Vice President Jeremy Riss, it is a huge success. “Dynamic pricing provided much better information for our guests to choose the day they want to experience Meadows. The ticket page displays all the different prices available for a month or more, and a guest can plan accordingly, often choosing to purchase a lower priced ticket on a lower volume day. This not only provides a great experience for that guest, but it moves some people from the peak day, making those days less crowded and better for everyone who is here. The most important thing for guests to remember is there are a limited number of tickets available at lower prices and once they are purchased the price moves up, so when you see a great deal it is best to purchase right away since that deal might not be there the next time you look. Unlike airlines and hotels whose prices might go back down we are guaranteeing early purchasers will always get the best price."

Advance purchases provide more accurate forecasting of business levels

Riss notes dynamic pricing also allows resort operations to forecast more accurately, since more guests are choosing the actual day they plan to visit, saying, “For our lowest priced tickets we saw guests purchasing advance tickets more than 11 days earlier in advance with dynamic ticketing. Some are making their purchase over a month in advance to get the very best pricing that we offer. That advance purchase information allows us to better anticipate the expected turnout each day to improve the experience for everyone while shifting peak visits to traditionally slower days.”

Dynamic tickets are offered for Juniors (age 7 - 14), Young Adults (15 - 24), Seniors (65 - 75) and Adults (25 - 64). The purchaser receives a seven-hour ticket that is validated with the first lift ride and expires seven hours later. This provides ultimate flexibility, particularly on days Meadows offers night skiing. Guests can arrive later and leave later, avoiding the morning and afternoon traffic congestion.

Mt. Hood Meadows 2019/20 Lift Ticket Pricing



Adult 7 HR (25 - 64)

$49 - 104

Young Adult 7 HR (15 - 24)

$49 - 94

Junior 7 HR (7 - 14)

$29 - 59

Senior 7 HR (65 - 74)

$39 - 84

Adult 4 HR (Not valid to start till Noon)


Upgrade 4 or 7 HR to Open to Close


Super Senior Open to Close (Age 75+)


Child Open to Close (Under 6)




Beginner Progression (Buttercup/Easy Rider/Vista/Daisy/Ballroom)


Fun Zone/Ballroom Carpet Conveyor


Midweek Restricted Three Time Ticket (online advance purchase only)


Night Lift (3pm - 9pm)


Restricted Day Comp Upgrade to Peak Day


Media Fee


Easy and affordable reloading online

The ticket can be reloaded online for a returning guest who already has RFID media, or purchase a new ticket with a $2 media charge. The dynamic price at the ski area “day of” is never less than the online advance purchase, so guests know they are guaranteed the best price possible by purchasing online in advance.

Night and beginner tickets affordably priced

In addition to the dynamically priced seven-hour tickets, Meadows offers discounted tickets for beginners that accesses the Ballroom Carpet conveyer uplift and the Buttercup beginner lift for $49. A progression pass adds Easy Rider, Vista and Daisy lifts (five lifts total) for $72. Meadows also offers a night lift ticket with access from 3 - 9 PM for $39.

And for those that are still reading - here’s a great deal for you! Purchase a three-time midweek pass for just $159! The pass is for an individual (non-transferable) and there are some holiday restrictions, but the price at $53/day is exceptional!

Dynamic tickets will be available online soon. This season Meadows will extend dynamic pricing to ski and snowboard lessons and equipment rentals, so those advance purchasing will get some awesome deals!