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Opening Day at Meadows

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A crowd of enthusiastic riders lined up for first chair at Daisy on our opening preview day at Meadows. Snow harvesting supplemented the 30 inches of natural snow received this week for decent coverage on the terrain served by Buttercup, Daisy and Easy Rider. The Ballroom Carpet is also operating.

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When will Meadows open?

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Five day forecast has snow in it for Mt. Hood MeadowsThat is the big question on everyone’s mind - including our team. We are all anxiously awaiting the falling of snowflakes, hopefully by the millions. The current forecast is promising, with snowflakes in the window through Wednesday.

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Dynamic Ticketing Successfully Changing Visitation Patterns Moving Guest Visits to Off-Peak Times

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A snowboarder crests a ridge on a powdery day at Mt. Hood MeadowsLast season Mt. Hood Meadows introduced dynamic ticket pricing on its daily lift tickets. The price of a daily seven-hour lift ticket would be determined by demand - the more popular a day and the bigger turnout expected, the higher the price would be on tickets for that day, creating even better deals on days with less visitation.

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Season Pass Deadline Extended through Monday

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Sunday we experienced an interruption in service from our credit card processing vendor that affected our webstore. For a three hour period, we were not able to transact season pass or any other online purchase. We have heard from many of our pass holders who were affected by the outage, and unable to make their purchase.

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Sahale Phase One Construction Completed

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Phase one construction has been successfully completed on our Sahale building - a 23,000 square foot structure that will house our Meadows Learning Center, rental center, Children's Learning Center and 10,000 square feet of restaurant and dining space. The project is on schedule to open in December 2020, at the start of next season.

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