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Special Events and Wildflowers Bloom in August

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Wildflowers blooming next to a waterfall at Mt. Hood MeadowsAugust may be the most spectacular month of the year to hike Mt. Hood. Meadows offers a trail system connecting the Timberline Trail to scenic overlooks, waterfalls and meadows of blooming wildflowers. To assist those seeking out the best hikes, Meadows offers a scenic chair ride Thursdays through Mondays through Labor Day, with free guided hiking tours.

Weekends are even more spectacular, with special events and live entertainment. This summer’s event lineup has been nothing short of phenomenal, culminating in August with the NW Craft Spirits Festival, Stargazing Dinners, the Mt. Hood Makers Market, Mutts on the Mountain and the Mt. Hood Mushroom Festival.

A special event presented on the Mt. Hood Meadows Sun DeckNW Craft Spirits Festival - August 3
Back for its second year is our Northwest Craft Spirit Festival! Mt. Hood Meadows will team up with a number of local distilleries for this fun and educational filled day. Come meet the makers of some of the finest distilled products made right here in the Northwest. We will also have live music from Jenny Lee, hiking, games on the deck and an awesome menu in the Schuss Grill!

  • Cocktail Demos
  • Spirit Tasting
  • Fresh, Local Seasonal Fare
  • Live Music by Jenny Lee

Stargazing Party and Dinner - August 10 & 11
Be here as the sun sets and the stars come out to play! Get so close you feel like you can reach out and touch them! Relax while watching the stars and constellations hover over the peak of Mt. Hood. The Rose City Astronomers will be on hand to help explain what you are seeing and where to look to see the exciting things happening. Speaking of exciting things happening in our night's sky, here are some of the things you will be able to see when the sun goes down and the stars come out to play:

  • Jupiter and Saturn will clearly be visible
  • The Great Red Spot, a prominent feature on Jupiter, will be visible, transiting at 11:37 PM
  • Jupiter’s moon Io will begin a shadow transit at 11:39, ending at 11:41
  • Saturn's ring plane is tilted at a steep angle to our line of sight currently making for a great view of the rings
  • If atmospheric conditions are favorable, then some of the larger moons of Saturn can be picked out by those with patient and keen eyes
  • Elaine Cole plays the Sun Deck Saturday afternoon

A girl hikes along a beautiful hiking path at Mt. Hood MeadowsMt. Hood Makers Market - August 17
Artists from around the mountain present their uniquely original and hand crafted art, food, clothes, and other homemade goods.

  • Live Music Larry and Raven

Three dogs enjoy the Mt. Hood view at Mutts on the Mountain at Mt. Hood MeadowsMutts on the Mountain - August 24

The Oregon Humane Society and Mt. Hood Meadows invite all outdoor-loving people and dogs to the 3rd Annual Mutts on the Mountain! The event, located onsite at Mt. Hood Meadows, is an outdoor festival with fun for people of all ages. Guests can relax on the beautiful mountainside and listen to live music from Jenny Lee, enjoy food and tasty beverages, as well as peruse vendor booths. Special festival activities include doggie sno-cones, dog cooling stations, photo booth, beer and wine garden, and more. Guests and their dogs can also explore the mountain; there are three self-guided hiking trails open to people and their dogs. All event proceeds will benefit the animals at the Oregon Humane Society (OHS).

  • Jenny Lee plays the Sun Deck

A delicous mushroom entree served at the Mushroom Dinner at Mt. Hood MeadowsMt. Hood Mushroom Festival - August 25

Enjoy a day of guided foraging for local mushrooms, explore mushroom dishes and expert educational sessions. Experts help you identify them mushrooms. Enjoy our Mushroom Food Fest after you spend the day looking for your bounty!

  • Mushroom Cooking Demos
  • Expert Guided Tours
  • Expert Identification
  • Live Music from Dave Tragethon