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Sensational Saturday at Mt. Hood Meadows

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Mt. Hood Express is our most used lift - it’s our work horse. And it services some phenomenal terrain from North Canyon to South Canyon and the bowls in between. But Saturday was all about two other high speed quads - Shooting Star and Vista. Star opened Friday, but with the five inches of new snow there was plenty of powder stashes for the finding. And it would have been a delightful place to stay all day, however, at 10:30 Vista Express opened for its first turns of the season.

With the early snowpack untouched (Meadows has received 39 inches of seasonal snowfall in the base area - another foot or so up on Vista) - there were more stashes to be discovered. And the soft packed corduroy groom was magnificent! 

Meadows is open daily for the season, with lifts schedule from 9 AM - 4 PM. Up to eight lifts are scheduled for Sunday, including Star, Vista and Mt. Hood Express. It’s still an early season snowpack with unmarked obstacles, but there’s plenty of great turns in store for you.