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Sasquatch Sighting at Mt. Hood Meadows

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For more than a week officials at Mt. Hood Meadows have been on the look out for Big Foot, a Sasquatch that has been named Seymour. Today, team members and guests reported seeing the friendly creature inside the lodge! Officials speculate that the stormy weather drove the big fella indoors, and maybe he wanted some huckleberries.

Witnesses reported Seymour to be tall and furry, smiling and very friendly - giving out hugs and high fives to everyone he met. Our reporters tried to catch up with him, but he moved fast through the holiday crowd and most likely, went back out onto the slopes again. 

Meadows is asking anyone with photographic evidence of Seymour to post socially @mthoodmeadows #SeymourSasquatch. Perhaps that way we will finally have evidence that Seymour actually exists!

The search for Seymour continues…