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Mt Hood Meadows consults Cryptozoologist to seek for Sasquatch

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World renown Sasquatch Seeker Alex, a Cryptozoologist, has been seeking the Sasquatch at Mt. Hood Meadows. Alex is certain that this Big Foot has been around Meadows for quite some time, watching people of all ages enjoying mountain activities. Alex believes it is this curiosity and desire to join in the fun (along with an appetite for huckleberries) that is drawing the Sasquatch out of hiding.

Among the items discovered in a snow cave last week, was a Mt. Hood Meadows trail map with all the fun zone areas circled. That leads Alex to believe that this Sasquatch is all about having fun on the snow. 

Meadows is asking for some help finding Big Foot from fun seeking adventurers with mobile devices. Those coming to Meadows are encouraged to look for the hairy critter. Alex says he needs to see more Sasquatch photographic evidence. “Hey, Seymour Squatch – that sounds like a great name for the friendly fella. So capture a photo or video of Seymour, then post it to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #SeymourSquatch @mthoodmeadows,” advises Alex. "With the expertise of our Sasquatch seeker, we will find Seymour and introduce him to all kinds of winter fun!"