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American flags proudly wave at Mt. Hood MeadowsFollowing the outcome of the election last November, there were many among our team that expressed concern about what changes the new administration may take. Our executive team clarified our company position of respect and acceptance. In light of the recent executive order regarding refugees, we feel it is important to reaffirm our position and we proudly share this with you our guests.

Hello Team:

The recent U.S. Election and outcome has resulted in some anxiety throughout our Country. I imagine there would be some level of anxiety regardless of the results. Mt. Hood Meadows does not wish to take sides with either candidate. We respect and honor the electoral process that has ultimately delivered our President Elect.

We do, however, wish to reaffirm who we are and how we roll. We have a set of company values that guide us in our decision making. Although “acceptance” is not specifically listed, it is inherent in our values. We accept people for who they are, regardless, of age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, spiritual following and all of the characteristics in between. We treat everyone with respect, fairness and equality. Seeking a diversity of opinions and feedback is in our company playbook (IE: strategic plan) for how we gain the best ideas for improving our business. Accepting others for who they are allows humanity to prosper.

MHM does not attempt to dictate personal views and we do recognize that individuals have their own beliefs and perspectives. Because this election season has been so divisive, I encourage all of us to heighten our awareness of differing points of view and accept that others life experiences shape their perspective. Please understand that there is a heightened sensitivity to the election, whether you are pleased or disappointed or indifferent. When you step into the Meadows permit area; respect, empathy and care must be on display to our teammates and all of those who visit us.

The democratic process has run its course. It is too early to know what changes will ensue, but what is known, is that Meadows will continue to live by our values. (Side note: we did recently sign a letter to President Elect in support of remaining committed to the ‘Paris Climate Agreement’ to show our unwavering pledge to sustainability efforts and renewable energy).

It is time to come together as a company and as a team; to provide an awesome work environment and enrich lives, using outdoor recreation on an iconic mountain at a time when people need it more than ever. We can all be proud of who we are and the joy we create at Mt. Hood Meadows. 

Upward and onward! 

Jake Bolland
Chief Operating Officer on behalf of your Executive Team
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