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Stellar Superbowl Gated Access Photos by Grant Myrdal

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A skier enjoys the bounties of hiking to Super Bowl at Mt. Hood MeadowsHiking up to Super Bowl has been well worth the effort the last few days. Grant Myrdal has documented some of the outrageous conditions of this beyond the gate hiking experience [see more photos here]. The Super Bowl gate is at the to top of Cascade - it’s an additional 1700 vertical foot climb and requires you to be equipped with a beacon, probe, shovel and buddy.

Close up on trail map of Super Bowl at Mt. Hood Meadows

Saturday and Sunday morning hikers got the powdery goods - as chill temps kept the fresh blanket of three foot + of powder tasty fine. By Sunday afternoon things were corning up, but the steep plunges of Super Bowl were still fun. There’s a good chance that Super Bowl will be open for hiking again on Monday, before the weather warms up later this week. Check our conditions page, come prepared and check the gate at the top of Cascade. It is an expert experience one you can brag about earning your turns.

The top of Super Bowl at Mt. Hood Meadows

Here’s Grant’s account of the conditions in Super Bowl this weekend:

“It was beyond awesome in super bowl the last two days. Had a big crowd of riders up there today. Just got in from today's shoot so still have to edit some of today's best for you but in the meantime here are a couple gems from yesterday. Late afternoon shadows and gold backlighting...epic shooting conditions and all the riders agreed the snow conditions were stellar.
Sorry about all the superlatives but its hard to describe it any other way.”
-- Grant Myrdal

Shots of Super Bowl by Grant Myrdal at Mt. Hood Meadows

No need to apologize Grant. Those who hiked it understand and the rest of us are envious. Thanks for the great shots!