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The Official Learn to Ski or Snowboard Record was Set - Now What?

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More than 100 people participated in the World's Largest Lesson record attempt at Mt. Hood MeadowsWe received word from the organizers of the World's Largest Lesson that last Friday's world record attempts for largest ski and largest snowboard lessons should be successful. The first attempt a year ago ran into some logistic issues, with problems documenting that all the lessons were happening at the same time. Here is the message from Learn a Snow Sports Month officials:

I’m happy to report that with a little over 1/3 of the participated US resorts reported we already have enough documented participation to submit to Guinness for both the Ski and Snowboard records. I expect that we’ll receive more numbers from US resorts throughout the week, and are still awaiting the Canadian delegations participation numbers. Once we have all the final numbers, I will package everything up and send it over to the good folks at Guinness, at which point it will be in their hands to authenticate if we achieved the records or not. Regardless of their final decision, I know we can all take pride in the effort we put in this year. A truly record-breaking day for our industry, and lots of new skiers and snowboarders introduced to the sports.

Photo Album of Meadows World Record Attempt 

Congratulations to everyone who participate in the World Record attempt. Meadows had more than 100 participate (one of the largest turn outs in the country) and it was the perfect day for people to enjoy the fun.

January is Learn a Snow Sports Month - so whether a record is set or not, it’s a great time to take up a new winter recreational activity that you can enjoy the rest of your life. Meadows offers all kinds of great learn to ski and snowboard deals for all ages. Check out the links below to find the right lesson for you!

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