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#KeepCoolCarPool: Awesome conditions will test parking capacity this holiday weekend

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Attendants assist guests park at Mt. Hood Meadows

This blog was originally published during the Christmas holiday, but the information bears repeating this MLK Holiday.

The conditions are superb - arguably the best they have been going into the holiday break for the past decade. With the all this new snow, and the likelihood of blue skies this weekend, we expect our parking lots will be reaching capacity Saturday and Sunday. We are taking action by encouraging more of our team to carpool and utilize the employee shuttles we provide. We encourage our guests to do the same.

Park & Ride from Portland has buses scheduled both Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Each bus removes 17 vehicles from our parking lot each day and we will add more buses if we get the advance reservations.

#KeepCoolCarPool Carpooling with friends has the potential for the biggest way to decrease vehicles in our parking lots (as well as congestion from the highways to and from the mountain). Buddy up for a day on the mountain. You’ll save money on gas (and reduce carbon emissions) and have someone to recount your day on the slopes. Share “Your Mountain Home” with a friend - it’s more fun that way!

Don’t have someone to carpool with? Try - a service that matches people with the same travel needs. Carpooling can improve your mood, lead to friendships and reduce the wear and tear on your car. Drive Less. Connect.

Transportation Options

As always we recommend you make plans to arrive early, and if you are driving that your vehicle is prepared for winter driving conditions.

Winter Driving Tips will provide real time updates on road conditions and traffic alerts. Google Maps is also a good resource for gauging traffic congestion on highway 26 and 35 between Meadows and Government Camp. ON busy weekends taking Highway 35 through Hood River is often the fastest route back to Portland.