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Meadows Throws Slopeside Sustainability Shindig Saturday August 1

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Slopeside Sustainability Shindig at Mt. Hood Meadows

  • Resort kicks off it’s summer scenic chair operations with tribute to mountain sustainability

Fresh off of it’s National Golden Eagle Sustainability Award achievement, Mt. Hood Meadows will kick off its summer season Saturday, August 1 with a Slopeside Sustainability Shindig. Event coordinator and sustainability manager Heidi Logosz says it’s important that those coming to Meadows and to Mt. Hood visit with respect.

“Mt. Hood is a national treasure and state icon. We want all our guests to understand those initiatives and processes we regularly practice to preserve and protect our permit area. As the snow recedes so much more of the mountain becomes accessible to more people, and we want them all to totally appreciate the beauty and nature, while making sure they are not leaving damage or ‘foot prints’ behind.”

The Shindig will run from 11 AM - 3 PM Saturday, August 1 and includes: 

  • Native Seed Collection - a program pioneered by Meadows for revegetating slopes or areas of ground disturbance 
  • Tour MHM’s Behind-the-Scenes Sustainability Initiatives - from the resort’s award winning LEED designed buildings to its greenhouse gas reduction program. 
  • Wetland Restoration Walk - to witness firsthand the revegetative efforts taken by the resort to restore wetlands in and around the base area. 
  • Ecology Talk with Drew Eastman of the Gorge Ecology Institute speaking on ecology issues pertaining to Mt. Hood and mountainous regions. 
  • Kids Coloring Mural to tap into young minds and release creative thoughts on why Mt. Hood needs to be loved and respected. 
  • Learn about the sustainability efforts of event sponsor Hopworks Urban Brewery, Drive Less Connect, Protect Our Winters and Snowrider’s International.

Meadows will operate the Stadium scenic chair from 11 AM - 3 PM ($10 roundtrip ride) for those wanting to get uplifted for a closer look at the nature of the area. The Sundeck Grill will also be serving up BBQ and refreshments.

Sustainability Shindig Poster at Mt. Hood Meadows