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Meadows Signs Oregon Business Climate Declaration

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Oregon Businesses Call for State Action on Climate Change

“Tackling action on climate is one of the greatest economic opportunities of the 21st Century”

PORTLAND, Ore. – Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort has joined over 70 Oregon businesses, including Adidas, eBay, Moda Health, NIKE, Inc. and Portland Trailblazers today issued a joint declaration calling for state action on climate change. The Oregon Business Climate Declaration highlights opportunities to spur local economic development and job creation while curbing carbon pollution.

“Climate change. We have all heard about it for some time, and depending on where we sit on our planet, we are now starting to see its effects,” said Robert Gootee, president and CEO of Moda, Inc. and a founding member of Northwest Business for Climate Action. “We are blessed to live in one of our world’s most special places; it is time for us as Oregonians to lead on this important issue."

"Mt. Hood Meadows is proud to be among the original signatories on the Declaration," stated Mt. Hood Meadows spokesman Dave Tragethon, noting that Meadows was also a founding member of the National Ski Areas Association sustainable slopes initiative and Environmental Charter for ski areas. "Sustainability is a core value of our company and we encourage the Oregon business community to help create a healthy climate through innovation and making smart choices about clean energy. It's important, not just for our company and the obvious connection to winter recreation activities, but for all businesses." Meadows sustainable efforts are partially listed on its environmental commitment page.

The Oregon Business Climate Declaration states:

“There is a clear and present need for action on climate to protect our region’s natural assets, its vibrant communities and its growing economy. We business leaders of the Pacific Northwest endorse the Climate Declaration because we support using energy efficiently, investing in cleaner fuels, advancing renewable energy, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Starting today, right here, the Pacific Northwest can lead the way. We can create a healthy climate and a strong, more resilient economy, by fostering innovation, advancing public health, spurring economic development through job creation and speeding technological advancement throughout our region.”

The declaration comes as more and more business leaders nationwide are raising concerns over the impact of climate change on the global economy. Former U.S. Treasury Secretary and Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Tom Steyer, a hedge-fund manager and philanthropist, recently released a report, Risky Business, which details the economic risks of climate change to U.S. businesses over the next two decades. Mr. Paulson will speak about the findings at Portland City Club on Friday, July 18.

“It’s hard to deny what the researchers and experts are saying about climate change,” said Chris McGowan, President & CEO of the Portland Trail Blazers. “Sound environmental stewardship is already an important part of our Trail Blazers culture, and a point of pride for us as an Oregon-based company. We are pleased to join with other Oregon businesses who are ready to take action; innovate new solutions; and preserve the health and economic vitality of our communities.”

“Tackling climate change by making smart choices about clean energy and clean fuels, and reducing harmful impacts is essential to maintaining our way of life and remaining economically competitive as a state,” said Eve Callahan, SVP of corporate communications for Umpqua Bank. “Oregon is uniquely positioned to innovate in this area while creating jobs that advance our state’s and region’s economy.”

Business leaders from the signatory companies encourage other businesses to join them and sign the Oregon Business Climate Declaration by going to:

The Oregon Business Climate Declaration is a companion to the Climate Declaration launched in 2013 by Ceres, a nonprofit sustainability advocacy organization, and its business network, Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy (BICEP). The Climate Declaration has more than 800 signatories nationwide. You can see the full list of national companies here and the Oregon companies here.