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Dreamy days on glorious groom video

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Here’s two minutes of Zen. Yes we all love it when wintery storms freshen up the slopes. We received eight inches over the weekend and the forecast says more this weekend. But in between the high pressure, bluebird days have been glorious. Meticulous groom and wide open riding.

Two Minutes of Zen

Responsibility code #3 - Stop only where you are visible from above and do not restrict traffic

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Responsibility Code 3: Stop only where you are visible from above and do not restrict traffic - two snowboarders safely share a run at Mt. Hood Meadows

Responsibility Code # 3:


Choosing a smart place to stop requires being aware of one’s surroundings.  Mt Hood has highly variable terrain that includes many rolls, ridges, wind-drifts, cliffs, boulders and trees. Riding here demands extra awareness in order to remain visible from above. Always stop in safe place for you and others. Avoid impacting traffic around you by stopping on the side of trails.

Be safe - get informed!

January is National Ski Area Safety Awareness Month

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The Responsibile Code offers ten common sense points that will make skiing and snowboarding safer.The Skier Responsibility Code was developed by the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) in the 1960s to help teach skiers how to be safe at downhill resorts. It has been updated several times to reflect changes in our sport including a recent revision to add clarity and two new items to what is now called "Your Responsibility Code." 

Point 1: Always Stay In Control

Twilight and Pluto Gates to Heather Canyon Open for Expert Only Extremely Difficult Terrain

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A snowboarder rides in Heather Canyon at Mt. Hood Meadows - Richard Hallman photoThe Twilight access gate to Heather Canyon was opened today for the first time this season. Following repeated days of upper canyon avy mitigation work by Ski Patrol and bridge building by our grooming team, we will open the Twilight gate. The lower gates may remain closed due to what is currently a very challenging breakable crust and less than ideal skiing.

12:45 PM: Twilight Gate Open to Heather Canyon

Heed this warning before entering the canyon