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On January 27 someone will win a 50 year season pass to Mt. Hood Meadows!

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Congratulations to our winners!

  • Tyler won the first Golden Ticket at the Slabtown Block Party. Check out the video!
  • Yoana won the second Golden Ticket by being the first to email us a screen shot of the temp hitting 50 degrees at Meadows 
  • Chelsea won the third Golden Ticket with a random draw from those entering the Snowvana Face Shot Instagram Contest
  • Isaac won the fourth Golden Ticket with a random draw from those entering the Ski Fever Face Shot Instagram Contest
  • Nathan won the fifth Golden Ticket when he busted out the best Snow Dance at the Pray for Snow Party!
  • Peter won the sixth Golden Ticket by figuring out all the answers to our scavenger hunt during our Preview Weekend!
  • Luke won the seventh Golden Ticket through a random drawing at Altitude over Thanksgiving weekend!
  • Tina won the eighth Golden Ticket with her awesome snow dance on Instagram
  • Drake won the ninth Golden Ticket at our Winter Brew Fest
  • Lindsay won the tenth Golden Ticket through KOIN
  • Rebecca won the eleventh Golden Ticket through KOIN
  • Bryce won the twelfth Golden Ticket through KOIN
  • Jan won the thirteenth Golden Ticket through KOIN
  • Kyle won the fourteenth Golden Ticket through KOIN
  • Kenny won the fifteenth Golden Ticket with his rainy day post for our Facebook contest
  • Amira won the sixteenth Golden Ticket at our New Year's Eve kids party
  • Chris won the seventeenth Golden Ticket at our adult New Year's Eve party
  • Jay won the eighteenth Golden Ticket through KOIN
  • Gabrielle won the nineteenth Golden Ticket through KOIN
  • Rachel won the twentieth Golden Ticket with her post for our Super Shuttle Selfie Contest on Instagram
  • Tom won the twenty-first Golden Ticket for riding our Midweek Park and Ride bus
  • Douglas won the twenty-second Golden Ticket for riding after 5 PM in our Night Riding Contest
  • Amy won the twenty-third Golden Ticket for riding after 5 PM in our Night Riding Contest
  • Carson won the twenty-fourth Golden Ticket in our MKL Day Chair 50 Contest
  • Jonathon won the twenty-fifth Golden Ticket by being lucky number 50 at the Mazot on day 50 of the season
  • McKinley won the twenty-sixth Golden Ticket in a raffle in Outer Limits Sports on day 50 of the season
  • Alex won the twenty-seventh Golden Ticket in a raffle in the High Performance Center on day 50 of the season
  • Evan won the twenty-eighth Golden Ticket in our Parks Instagram Contest
  • Jordan won the twenty-ninth Golden Ticket in a random drawing for his post in the Your Story Contest
  • Andrew won the thirtieth Golden Ticket for being our selection in the Your Story Contest
  • Gary won the thirty-first Golden Ticket in the Altitude Little Boxes Contest
  • Trisha won the thirty-second Golden Ticket in the Vertical
  • Aaron won the thirty-third Golden Ticket for his post in the Love My Meadows and Toyota contest
  • Pat won the thirty-fourth Golden Ticket for guessing when we would get 50 inches in the base area
  • Phineas won the thirty-fifth Golden Ticket in our Outer Limits Wear in the World Contest (he was in Vietnam!)
  • Todd won the thirty-sixth Golden Ticket in our Outer Limits Wear in the World Contest as the random pick
  • Chloe won the thirty-seventh Golden Ticket in our Dick Powers Then & Now Contest for being the closest to the original
  • Nikki won the thirty-eighth Golden Ticket in our Dick Powers Then & Now Contest for the random selection
  • Russ won the thirty-ninth Golden Ticket in the You and Dick Powers Contest
  • Matt won the fortieth Golden Ticket in our Instagram Photo Scavenger Hunt 
  • Matt T. won the forty-first Golden Ticket in the Alpenstube 
  • Meg won the forty-second Golden Ticket at Cooper Spur
  • Travis won the forty-third Golden Ticket from KOIN

What's a Golden Ticket?

  • There are only 50 Golden Tickets in existence - when you find one you win a prize package including two lift tickets, a $50 gift card, a gift bag, our commemorative 50th anniversary pin and a certified entry into the drawing for a 50 year season pass to Mt. Hood Meadows!

Where can I find them?

  • Tickets could be most anywhere, so you'll have to follow the clues we provide here on this page, or on our Meadows Memories Facebook page.
  • The first Golden Ticket was given away at the Slabtown Block Party October 5. Congratulations to Tyler Lyon - he will be one of the 50 who has a chance to win the 50 years season pass!
  • KOIN TV 6 has six Golden Tickets to give away, so tune in to channel 6 or follow their social media for clues to those tickets.
  • Toyota has ten Golden Tickets to give away. 
  • We will be giving Golden Tickets away through out social pages, so make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
  • We'll tweet out clues so follow us on Twitter.

Who can find a Golden Ticket?

  • Pretty much everyone, except for Meadows employees. Sorry team, but this is a fun contest for our guests and fans. Now that doesn't mean team members won't be involved so our guests will want to pay close attention to a friendly lifty or welcoming parking lot attendant who may have a Golden Ticket peaking from their uniform pocket, or tucked into their hat.
  • Only one Golden Ticket per person. So if you receive a Golden Ticket congratulations - we'll see you at the drawing January 27. Now let someone else have a chance to win that 50 year season pass!

50 Golden Tickets will be given away during Meadows 50th anniversary celebrationWhat does a Golden Ticket look like?

  • It's made of pure gold! Well, printed on gold paper anyway. One side has our 50th Anniversary Logo in gold, the other has a unique registration mark. It's about the size of a business card. The clues will lead you to the places a Golden Ticket can be found, and how you go about finding or winning it.

Tell me about this 50 Year Season Pass!

  • What better way to celebrate our first 50 years than by awarding a prize of the next 50 years! We're proud of our heritage and are looking forward to our future. The season pass will be valid every year through the 2067/68 season, so we can celebrate our 100th anniversary together. 
  • Each Golden Ticket winner receives an entry into a drawing for the 50 year season pass so there will only be 50 entered in the drawings. The drawings will be held January 27, 2018 PM at Mt. Hood Meadows, during the 50th Anniversary Celebration. Round 1 - 2:15 PM, Round 2 - 3:45 PM and Round 3 at 5:00 PM.
  • Winners must be present to win, but can assign a proxy to represent them during the drawing. 
  • The 50 year season pass is not transferable, however, a Golden Ticket winner can assign the ticket to someone else prior to the drawing. For example, let's say a 76 year young guest receives a Golden Ticket. The senior can assign the Golden Ticket entry to a younger person, someone who would be able to benefit more from the 50 year season pass. This assignment must be presented to Mt. Hood Meadows in writing before the day of the drawing.
  • Once assigned, the 50 year season pass can not be transferred - we want the winner to enjoy Meadows for the next 50 years! While we consider the 50 year season pass to be priceless, we have to clarify that it has no cash value and it can not be gifted, sold or transferred in any way. 

You mentioned clues?

  • Yes - that's the fun part! Clues will be provided through on this 50th anniversary section of our site, on our social pages, at the resort, and at our outreach events. 
  • Make sure you subscribe to Meadows eNews where clues will also be shared!

Other disclaimers

  • If finding a Golden Ticket includes posting a photo or video on social media, by entering you agree that Mt. Hood Meadows may feature your photo or video to promote the contest on social media channels. Photos or videos may be selected randomly or purposely.
  • By entering, entrants grant a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, use of the submitted video that Mt. Hood Meadows can use on social media channels and on its web site(s) without additional compensation, notification or permission, unless prohibited by law. In the event that ownership of any photo(s) or video(s) submitted is challenged in any manner by any person, Meadows may disqualify that photo or video and will discontinue use of the video.
  • No cash or other prize substitution permitted except at Mt. Hood Meadows' discretion. The prize is nontransferable. Any and all prize related expenses, including without limitation any and all federal, state, and/or local taxes shall be the sole responsibility of the winner.
  • Mt Hood Meadows, its agents and representatives, its parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion and fulfillment agencies and legal advisors are not responsible for and will not be liable for (I) late, lost, damaged, misdirected, incomplete, unintelligible entries; (II) telephone, electronic, hardware or software program, network, Internet or computer malfunctions, failures or difficulties of any kind; (III) failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer transmissions; (IV) any condition caused by events beyond the control of Mt. Hood Meadows that may cause Golden Ticket giveaway to be disrupted or corrupted; (V) any injuries losses or damages of any kind arising in connection with or as a result of the promotion, or from participation in the promotion; or (VI) any printing or typographical error in any material associated with the promotion.
  • Only one Golden Ticket may be won per person. Once you have been awarded a Golden Ticket, you are no longer eligible to win any other Golden Tickets.
  • Indemnification. You agree to release and hold Mt. Hood Meadows, its employees, officers, directors, shareholders, agents, representatives, parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion and fulfillment agencies, and legal advisors, harmless from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind in connection with the Golden Ticket giveaway, including without limitation, personal injury, death and property damage, and claims based on publicity rights, defamation or invasion of privacy.