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Responsibility Post #10 - If you are Involved in a Collision or Incident

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Your Responsibility Code # 10:
If you are involved in a collision or incident, share your contact information with each other and a ski area employee

Collisions between individuals and collisions with fixed objects have always been inherent hazards to attaching slippery boards on our feet and then using gravity to go fast. This is intuitively understood by every new skier or rider upon first strapping in. And this is why Your Responsibility Code exists; to help reduce our chances of serious incident or injury while sliding around in a wintry environment with other people doing the same.

We have reviewed 9 of the 10 Your Responsibility Code items intended to guide us into maintaining control and avoiding collisions. By knowing and abiding by the Code we can have enriching and exhilarating experiences in a beautiful environment. But what should we do if something goes wrong? Code #10 is new to the Code and clarifies our duties when involved in a collision or experience a substantial incident during your visit. It echoes state and local collision duties.

Whenever reasonably possible, please report an injury or incident to Ski Area Personnel before leaving the resort. If you are involved in a collision with another skier or rider, stop and render aid, and do not depart without filling out a report with Ski Patrol. Both on the state and county level, failure to comply with these duties could result in a fine and loss of skiing privileges. See for the full text of Oregon state skier laws and Hood River county rules.

Mt Hood Meadows wants to know about all collisions and injuries that occur here. We work hard to provide a winter alpine experience where hazards are manageable. When accidents happen, we want to know! You can file a report with Ski Patrol by calling our emergency number (503)438-3216, walking into Providence Medical Clinic, or visiting us at our Patrol Headquarters at the top of Mt Hood Express. You can also ask any employee to call patrol. We use information about accidents to continually inform and improve our operation. A collision with another person can be one of the most frustrating things to happen on the hill and we want to be able to help each individual involved by facilitating an exchange of contact information.

Ski Patrol and Mountain Safety Hosts are prepared to document collisions. Ideally we collect reports from all the parties involved, however, we will document collisions even when one party is not present, and we will also document if there is no injury. If you are involved in a collision at MHM, expect to be asked to show your pass and provide additional contact information. If you are involved in an on-slope incident, we are happy to provide you with documentation related to your incident once our Risk Management team has had a chance to review.  For collisions, we will do our best to facilitate an exchange of information between parties upon request.

Please know and abide by Your Responsibility Code. Use these safety guidelines to manage the hazards inherent in our sport and in the alpine environment of Mt Hood. Call 503.438.3216 for emergencies. And thank you for your patience when documenting incidents.