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Thanks for using our access gates but PLEASE no hiking Heather Ridge

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As most know - Mt. Hood Meadows has spectacular terrain in Heather Canyon that is accessed through gates. We appreciate everyone who respects our roped boundary, and enters the Canyon only through these access gates.

Heather Canyon Access Gate Signage at Mt. Hood MeadowsBut a gate is not an open invitation to hike up to terrain that has not been opened. We open gates based on the current surface conditions, avalanche hazard, and current or past weather conditions. Sometimes, due to traversing into avalanche terrain, we have to open gates lower than we would prefer. The highest gate that’s open is your apex - you ski or ride down from that point.

There is absolutely no hiking up the Heather Ridge. We have a no uphill hiking policy that directs uphill traffic to our designated hiking routes.

This sign indicates 1/2 Moon Bowl is the highest gate accessing the Canyon. Terrain above this gate is closed and hiking up Heather Ridge is the same as entering closed terrain.

Hiking uphill into closed terrain which is also avalanche terrain is subject to losing your pass. It is essentially the same as ducking the rope into closed avalanche terrain. Please respect that - it’s for your own safety (and future pass privileges).