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Trail crews are adding four miles of new hiking trails

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Please - no hiking on these new trails until we have completed construction. For now, stick to the existing Umbrella Falls, Sahallie Falls and Timberline trails. Thanks!

Trail crews have been busy this summer adding to the Mt. Hood Meadows hiking trail system. A total of 8 miles of new hiking trails was approved last year. We built a 1700-foot loop (approximately a third of a mile) at the top of Shooting Star last summer. Those trails were constructed entirely by hand, taking nearly two weeks to complete.

We’re using a mini-excavator along with hand crews, which should allow us to construct at least 4 miles of trails this summer. The excavator removes vegetation and levels the trail bed for hand crews to finish. Once the trails are established, vegetation will grow back and it will be up to the hikers to maintain the pathways. The trails will connect the base area to the already existing trail system, as well as to the popular Umbrella Falls and Sahalie Falls trails. The new trails also create loops from the base area, providing a more enjoyable hiking experience.

The trails are expected to begin opening in August (at least partially), once construction is complete. We will update our summer hiking trail map once we complete this summer’s construction.