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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Meadows


At Mt. Hood Meadows, we continue to strive to make Your Mountain Home feel just like that: home.

The mountain is for everyone, and we want all our guests to feel welcomed, to feel included, and to feel a sense of belonging to this special place.

At the same time, we acknowledge Meadows is part of an industry and a sport that has historically been, and often continues to be, exclusive.

In recognition of this, we have undertaken a process to examine our resort operations through a lens of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). We are committed to living up to our Core Values, and to ensuring that Mt. Hood Meadows Resort is a welcoming and inclusive place for both our team members and our guests.


In the spring of 2020, based on input from many team members and our CEO Matthew Drake, the Executive Team started discussing whether or not we should be posting publicly in support of Black Lives Matter. At that time, the Executive Team felt we needed to be making a stronger effort to improve in the areas of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in our own company vs. just expressing support for others.

In summer of 2020, Meadows hired a diversity consultant to assess our company's current state and provide recommendations Meadows should consider as we looked to make DEI-related improvements, both internally and externally. Among the recommendations was to form a DEI committee in order to move our efforts forward.

The committee was formed in March 2021 and with input from the Executive Team, developed a strategic plan that outlined an objective, goals, and guiding principles. This strategic plan serves as a living document that continues to evolve and improve as Mt. Hood Meadows makes progress on its DEI initiatives.


Create actionable, enduring, and measurable strategies which improve diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for our team, guests, and community.


  1. Evaluate, identify, and improve policies and practices to ensure inclusive and equitable access for all team members of Cooper Spur Mountain Resort and Mt. Hood Meadows
  2. Establish an ongoing DEI leadership and team member training and resource program
  3. Evaluate, identify, and improve equity in our recruitment and retention practices
  4. Create and support opportunities for underserved populations to enjoy recreating at Cooper Spur and Meadows
  5. Engage our team members, guests, and partners in equity, inclusion, and civility through communication and events

Action Plans:

  1. Conduct a pay equity audit
  2. Hire a DEI consultant firm
  3. Evaluate current DEI policies, team website, training programs, and other systems through a DEI lens
  4. Conduct DEI training with team members
  5. Update Mt. Hood Meadows' "Speak Out" policy and upgrade anonymous reporting channel to a virtual online model
  6. Incorporate racial equity competence into performance reviews/self-reviews
  7. Create DEI resource page on the Meadows team website
  8. Diversify candidate talent pool/network and identify barriers to the candidate experience and employment
  9. Create measurement system for diversity in hiring and retention
  10. Implement retention analysis process
  11. Make all recruiting and hiring materials available in multiple languages
  12. Create opportunities for underserved populations in the local area to access Meadows at discounted prices
  13. Continue to build, assess, and support programs bringing underserved communities to the mountain
  14. Evaluate and identify accessibility to Meadows for underserved populations
  15. Develop a process for ensuring potential partners and programs align with Meadows' DEI goals and objectives
  16. Host/partner with organizations to have diversity celebration events at Meadows

Measuring Progress/Feedback:

We can't fully do all of this without your help. If you're willing, please take a few moments to fill out our DEI feedback form below to share your thoughts.